Market Apartments in Bekasi Increasingly Formed

BEKASI, – “Most of our apartment buyers, even the majority are end users, not investors,” said President Director of PT Triputri Natatama, subsidiary of Binakarya Propertindo Group, Leonardi Setiawan to, shortly before the procession Roof top (topping off) Lagoon Apartment @ Bekasi Town Square, in East Bekasi, Saturday (5/9/2015).

This, continued Leonardi, indicates that the market apartment in the city berkopulasi more than 2 million people is increasingly formed. Consumers buy an apartment not as an investment instrument, but rather for use. With the composition of 90 percent of end users and 10 percent of investors, the picture that Bekasi apartment market promises, and potential to work on. Market selection, Leonardi added, occurs naturally.

“This phenomenon is very good for the growth of the property market, because the price increase will occur fairly, not a false phenomenon that only spikes for a moment,” said Leonardi. Lagoon Apartment @ Bekasi Town Square shows a price growth curve of about 20 percent to 30 percent since it was first launched in October 2014 ago. At that time, according to Director of Triputri Natatama, Suharta, the price is still at the level of Rp 9 million per square meter.

“Now the actual price of the price is Rp 13 million per square meter,” said Suharta, the first tower of 560 units has sold 90 percent. Considering the high market interest in this apartment, PT Triputri Natatama also launched the second tower with the number of 785 units. Bid price of around Rp 300 million for the type of studio size 21 meters peseegi, up to Rp 600 million for the type of three bedroom size 60 square meters.

Buffer two areas

The establishment of Bekasi market, Leonardi added, because its strategic position is flanked by the capital city of Jakarta, and also the industrial area of ​​Cikarang. Bekasi became a buffer of two areas that are equally loaded with young people of productive age who need shelter. “The buyers of our apartment units are those who work in Jakarta, as well as in the industrial area around Cikarang,” Leonardi added.